Anonymous: How soon is soon?

I’m aiming to have Chapter 8 start in about 2 weeks time.

But, fear not, because in the meantime, there’s going to be cool stuff happening!

Be on the look out, because between now and the start of the next chapter, I’m going to be posting a whole bunch of things including:

  • Concept drawings!
  • Character art!
  • Fun facts!
  • A special animation!

Not enough? Well then try this on for size!


Been a while since the last competition, so here’s the game:

Redraw a panel (or a page if you’re eager) from anywhere in Stories of Adventures, in your own style or however you like! You can enter as many times as you like, and I’ll announce a winner just before the new chapter starts.

Even if you don’t want to empty the competition, I always¬†love seeing fan art and messages, so please send me something to brighten up my day!